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Turn list Building and Lead Generation On Its Head

Leadient is an inbound marketing tool that uses a unique value-first approach to increase the value of your leads. Leadient eliminates resistance, increases trust and creates 5 to 10 times more leads that are actively engaged with your brand.


Here's What Leadient Users Have to Say...

I love how value first can now be incorporated into our lead magnets thanks to it This means not only can we give the value that readers want, but we get the right, actively engaged people onto our email lists! I’m currently planning a series of content upgrades about content upgrades (how meta) and it is the perfect delivery mechanism for this. I just can’t wait, and I’m tempted to bring forward my publishing date as it’s that good!

Sarah Arrow

We've seen up to 250% increases in subscribers when we replaced our old methods with (Leadient). Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to set up and the process is not rocket science...very easy to use. Highly recommend this, especially at this crazy price!

Abhi Dwivedi

I have been testing this beast since about 2 months, and all it did was increase my optins by 200% and sales from the "warmed up" leads it generates!!

Anwesh Rath

This is going to be the way i do everything now. Awesome software,I set it up a campaign in 5 mins and 10 mins later i had 5 optins already,and hour later we had 25 optins. Leadient is an awesome software and if you do any kind of marketing you should pick it up.... (Leadient) is a NO Brainer....

Jeff Escow